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From £120, Astley, Greater Manchester

Wrong Fuel? Petrol in Diesel? From £120.00 Astley, Greater Manchester

Mistakenly Put Petrol in a Diesel or Diesel in a Petrol?

In Astley And Put The Wrong Fuel In by Accident?

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  • It’s an every day event for us so keep calm and call one of our advisers. Have you put petrol in a diesel vehicle?
  • Pull over as soon as it’s possible, switch off the engine and wait with the vehicle, we will come to assist you asap.
  • An engineer will be sent out, he’ll drain your wrong fuel and the vehicle should be just fine and back on its way again soon.

Filling up with the Wrong Fuel needn’t be a big headache – call us now!

Our Fully Licensed Technicians are locally based in Astley and can be with you in 30 minutes.

So that you can be 100% sure of a professional service, all our technicians are fully  S.P.A and ATEX licensed for your piece of mind.

What people say about our Fuel Drainage Service in Astley

The feedback from a gentleman stuck on Holden Road was terrific. His new Kia Optima hadn’t been on the road long before he broke down after filling up with the wrong fuel. He told us “I will tell all my friends on social media to use you guys”. He’d put petrol in diesel car by mistake on his way to work in a hurry. “I suppose a fuel drain was going to fix it but I was so relieved when it did the trick”.

A fuel drain was all it needed in Astley, I’d put the wrong fuel in but it wasn’t an issue for Wrong Fuel help.

A couple on the way to visit their family pulled over in Sale Lane and knew there must be something a miss with the Mercedes 500E. It was the company car but a different one to which they normally had. He had never put the wrong fuel in before but was secretly glad it wasn’t his own vehicle. “Filling up with petrol in a diesel car makes you feel a bit of a wally, especially when you have to tell your boss the next day!”

A fuel drain was all it needed and the couple were back on the way to see their family rather relieved that the mission was accomplished.

Putting the wrong fuel in? Petrol in a diesel car in Astley?

It wasn’t the best place to break down on Orchard Lane, but the Owen family managed to push their Audi A5 to a safer place on the road before ringing us. “We’d put the wrong fuel in the car by accident”, remarked Mr Owen. “I asked my wife to fill up whilst I went in and paid and she forgot it wasn’t her car; she put petrol in a diesel”!

We got to Orchard Lane and it just conked out, I called my best mate who owned a local garage, he knew who to call. It was Wrong Fuel Help; they came out, performed a fuel drain and we were back home recovering from the silly mistake

So if you’re in Astley, our local friendly technicians are always on hand should you have a wrong fuel problem.