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From £120, Bury, Greater Manchester

Wrong Fuel? Petrol in Diesel? From £120.00 Bury, Greater Manchester

Filled up with Petrol in a Diesel Car?

In Bury, Mistakenly Put The Wrong Fuel in?

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  • Should you have put petrol in a diesel, or diesel in a petrol then please ensure that the engine is not running and call one of our advisers.
  • If you have driven the vehicle, don’t worry! We’ll get you on the road again
  • If possible, just pull over where it’s safe and call us. Most of the time there will not be any damage to your vehicle but it will require a fuel drain.

Don’t be stuck with the Wrong Fuel call us now!

Our Fully Licensed Technicians are locally based in Bury, Greater Manchester and can be with you within  30 minutes.

Our technicians are fully licensed and fully insured for you peace of mind. Along with our 10 years experience in draining fuel from every make and model of cars you can be sure that you will be on your way again with the minimum of hassle.

What people say about our Fuel Drainage Service in Bury, Greater Manchester

Coming to a standstill on Manchester Road, Bury wasn’t ideal for Mrs Butcher that day, it was raining and the rush hour traffic didn’t help. Fortunately a young guy was parked opposite her and realised she was in trouble so offered to help. Mrs Butcher explained the problem and he knew instantly who to call. Wrong Fuel Help were there at the end of the phone to reassure her they would resolve her wrong fuel problem without hesitation. Mrs Butcher was driving her new Mercedes 400E and put diesel in a petrol by mistake. Our technician was there within 30 minutes, the tank was drained and all was as good as new again. Mrs Butcher called us the next day to say a huge ‘thank you’.

Put the wrong fuel in your car in Bury? Put diesel in a petrol by mistake.

A hairdresser from Bury was baffled as to why her new MG 6 Magnette didn’t want to start again. She had just done an afternoon shift at work on Longsight Road and really wanted to get home to sort out the kids. She phoned her partner baffled about what the problem could be, all he needed to mention was wrong fuel and she instantly knew that was what she had done. In the morning on the way to work she had topped up the tank with diesel instead of petrol. Her old car had been a diesel and she’d had it for years. It had obviously made it to work but then wouldn’t start again. Her partner looked up our number here and made the call. Our technician was out promptly, drained all the fuel and got the lovely ladies car back up and running again.

Filling up with the wrong fuel by mistake in Bury, someone else’s car and you need help?

An elderly lady was tootling around Bury in her husbands Citroen Berlingo when the red light came on. She thought she would attempt to fill up and make her husband proud. She pulled up at the nozzles on Hooley Bridge Service Station and didn’t realise that she couldn’t just pick any of them! Well no doubt she filled up with the wrong fuel unknowingly! She put petrol instead of diesel in her husbands pride and joy! She was driving back home when the car came to a stop. “I was so upset when I realised what I’d done, how stupid of me, I thought I was doing a good deed and my husband would be impressed, well now he’s going to be really annoyed instead”. Luckily for the lady a policeman was patrolling the street and noticed she had broken down, he passed over our details and our helpful adviser informed her to sit tight and wait for the technician. “Thank goodness you lovely people helped me to get going again, I don’t know what I would have done without you”.

So if you’re in Bury, Greater Manchester our local friendly technicians are always on hand should you have a wrong fuel problem.