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Wrong Fuel? Petrol in Diesel? From £120.00 Lincoln

Have You Put Petrol in a Diesel or Diesel in a Petrol by Mistake?

In Lincoln And Accidentally Added The Wrong Fuel In?

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  • We’re here to help, it’s an every day event for us so have no fear. Maybe you’ve put petrol in a diesel vehicle? Turn your engine off asap and call us.
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Filling up with the Wrong Fuel needn’t be a big headache – call us now!

Our Fully Licensed Technicians are locally based in Lincoln and can be with you in 30 minutes.

So that you can be 100% sure of a professional service, all our technicians are fully  S.P.A and ATEX licensed for your piece of mind.

What people say about our Fuel Drainage Service in Lincoln

Near the Asda Store on Newark Road, Lincoln, a bakery manager on her way to the cash and carry had recently filled up with fuel. The wrong fuel – unleaded petrol! “I was day dreaming about a pastry course I’m going to in France in a couple of months and hadn’t noticed the colour of the pump. I wanted the black one and used the green. Is it full of petrol now?” Our fuel technician was on his way quickly to take care of it. “He did it all – right in front of me, he was very quick and efficient. I will pay more attention next time.”

Accidentally filling up the tank with the wrong fuel ( unleaded instead of diesel ) in Lincoln – oh no

Mrs Blunt, a newsagent, phoned all stressed about her new Citroen Berlingo. She was on Wragby Road, Lincoln when she realised she had misfuelled by mistake (put petrol in diesel car). “Drat! I took my daughter’s car and she told me of a petrol station that had the best prices, I went there and filled up. It was then that it hit me, she told me to make sure that I put diesel in. Well, silly me put chirped it up to the top with nice clean unleaded. Who needs that dirty diesel anyway”. – well, your car does Mrs Blunt. Our fuel technician arrived and set to work with a fuel drain. Mrs Blunt explained that her daughter’s car was her pride and joy so it was good to know that within a short space of time she was back on the road again, with diesel in the tank.

OMG I can’t believe I put the wrong fuel in the car in Lincoln

Sometimes we can be in too much of a rush and don’t pay enough attention to the pump that we’ve drawn up to. This happened to a middle aged couple in Lincoln on the way to the coast for a day out. “It’s my turn today. It was my Dad’s 2 months ago. I really don’t believe I’ve done it”. With a dog and a toddler in the back of their Range Rover diesel, he had to get on his way fast. Our fuel technician made it top priority. Needless to say that they enjoyed the rest of their day once we had taken care of changing the unleaded petrol from the diesel in his car.

Lincoln Lab Technician back behind the wheel after putting the wrong fuel in car, Petrol in Diesel

A Lab Technician from Lincoln called our call centre in a panic after she had filled up at a petrol station with the wrong fuel. She had accidentally put petrol in diesel and then started her car and driven away from the petrol station, travelling down the road for about half a mile and then pulling over because her car was driving in an erratic manner. After searching Google for a wrong fuel recovery company, she came across our call centre number, called and spoke to our Specialist. “I am so glad to get though to somebody as you are the third company I have phoned. The first two went straight to answer phone”. Our fuel technician established the lady’s location, vehicle make and model and within 35 minutes had one of our technicians onsite to resolve the wrong fuel recovery with a fuel drain, correct fuel top up and engine flush. Wrong Fuel Help in Lincoln are only a phone call away to assist and resolve all your wrong fuel requirements.

Wrong Fuel Help help Nail Technician who accidentally pumped 25 litres of Diesel in Petrol in Lincoln

“Dead good service”, was a short text that one of our wrong fuel technicians received from a Nail Technician after she had earlier that day resolved her wrong fuel mix up. She had called our Petrol in Diesel fuel recovery call centre when she had got stranded at a petrol station in Lincoln and informed us that she had put around 25 litres of the wrong fuel in her car after after pumping Petrol in Diesel. She had put the wrong fuel in her beloved Fiat 500, which she had only bought just 2 weeks prior and was in a bit of a state to say the least. Our call centre Specialist calmed her down and reassured her that everything would be fine then dispatched one of our wrong fuel Specialists who was onsite all within 40 minutes. A full fuel recovery was completed which resolved the wrong fuel problem and consisted of a fuel drain, engine flush and correct fuel top up. Wrong Fuel Help are only a phone call away to assist with all your wrong fuel problems, needs and requirements.

So if you’re in Lincoln, our local friendly technicians are always on hand should you have a wrong fuel problem.