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Wrong Fuel? Petrol in Diesel? From £120.00 Worcester

Have You Put Petrol in a Diesel or Diesel in a Petrol by Mistake?

In Worcester And Accidentally Added The Wrong Fuel In?

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  • We’re here to help, it’s an every day event for us so have no fear. Maybe you’ve put petrol in a diesel vehicle? Turn your engine off asap and call us.
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  • A  technician will be sent out to fix your problem, he’ll drain your wrong fuel and the vehicle should be just fine.

Filling up with the Wrong Fuel needn’t be a big headache – call us now!

Our Fully Licensed Technicians are locally based in Worcester and can be with you in 30 minutes.

So that you can be 100% sure of a professional service, all our technicians are fully  S.P.A and ATEX licensed for your piece of mind.

What people say about our Fuel Drainage Service in Worcester

A professional dog walker on Ombersley Road, Worcester, forgot that she should be using the diesel fuel nozzle in her Land Rover Defender Tdi. It was a present from her husband to get the dogs to the country in comfort. “What will my husband say? I can’t believe it. I just picked the same pump as always and then I realised that I’d used the green one, not the black one my husband said. It’s my old car, that was petrol and I got confused. Can you help?” Of course we can, here at Wrong Fuel Help we are well known for a friendly and professional service from our advisers down through to our technicians. Once we had changed the fuel by draining the tank and flushing the lines she got the dogs settled and carried on to walk them. “I still can’t believe it. You’ve saved my bacon!”

Petrol in Diesel – mistakenly doing the unthinkable in Worcester ( Wrong Fuel in car )

“I’ve done the unthinkable! Am I going crazy?!” Our friendly adviser was in for a test here. “£30 of petrol I’ve put in to my BMW 320D”. The customer was near Whittington Road, Worcester and our local technician was there within 30 minutes. “It’s almost half a tank of unleaded. Why did I do it?” Of course, there’s no answer to this. But mistakes with fuel are made every day up and down the country. At Wrong Fuel Help we help people to overcome these stressful situations – without any stress. Our fuel drain technician emptied the fuel in the car and refilled it with diesel and ensured that all the systems were flushed. “Still can’t believe I did that. But thanks anyway! Cool beans!” We don’t know what cool beans means but it’s good see a happy customer.

Wrong Fuel petrol I did it! Put Petrol in my diesel car in Worcester

“I’ve read in the papers that Police do this, so can I be forgiven for fuelling with petrol in my diesel car?” Of course. It happens all the time. A gentleman near Mill Wood Drive, Worcester, pulled in to a layby with the engine making ‘strange noises’. The MK IV Gof GTi TDi is normally fairly resilient with the PD engine, however the tank had been filled. We advised the customer to wait for our technician because we can take care of it as quickly as possible. “Your engineer was great. Very professional”. It was great to hear that the man had not been kept too long and continued his journey with the right diesel fuel in his Golf.

Wrong Fuel Help Called To Help Dog Walker from Worcester

The Wrong Fuel Help team received a call from a driver from Worcester who had made a wrong fuel mix up and put petrol in diesel in his vehicle. It was a midnight call and he was relieved when his call was answered promptly. He explained that he had made a wrong fuel mix up and put petrol in diesel. He had looked for Wrong Fuel Help number after having a chance conversation with a friend who had made a wrong fuel mistake and had mentioned the excellent service he had received from us. We asked the location and vehicle type and how much wrong fuel was put into the vehicle and what the wrong fuel mix up was. Our Wrong Fuel Help technician was at the location within 35 minutes and initiated a fuel drain, engine flush, fuel recovery and correct fuel top up. The driver said the service was first class and the Wrong Fuel Help technician was excellent and he would certainly recommend Wrong Fuel Help to friends and family.

Wrong Fuel Help Called To Assist Worcester Postman

Our Wrong Fuel Help team were called to assist a postman from Worcester who had put diesel in petrol in his vehicle. He had been driving a post office van to do his round and when he came to fill his own vehicle had accidentally made the wrong fuel mix up and put diesel in petrol. One of our Wrong Fuel Help team asked his location, vehicle type and how much wrong fuel he had put in his vehicle. We advised him to remain where he was and not to start his engine. Wrong Fuel Help were at the location within 45 minutes and our technician started by initiating a full fuel drain, engine flush, correct fuel top up and fuel recovery. The post was relieved and said it was the first time he had made a wrong fuel mix up and said he would not make that mistake again but if he did he would certainly call Wrong Fuel Help.

So if you’re in Worcester, our local friendly technicians are always on hand should you have a wrong fuel problem.