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Wrong Fuel? Petrol in Diesel? From £120.00 Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent

Have You Put Petrol in a Diesel or Diesel in a Petrol Car by Mistake?

In Hanley And Mistakenly Filled Up With The Wrong Fuel?

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  • We’re here to help, some customers make the same mistake more than once. Maybe you’ve put petrol in a diesel vehicle? Turn your engine off ASAP and call us.
  • One of our friendly team members will assist you on the number above.
  • A  technician will be sent out to fix your problem, he’ll drain your wrong fuel and the vehicle should be just fine.

Filling up with the Wrong Fuel needn’t be a big problem – call us now!

Our Fully Licensed Technicians are locally based in Hanley and can be with you in 30 minutes.

So that you can be 100% sure of a professional service, all our technicians are fully  S.P.A and ATEX licensed for your piece of mind.

What people say about our Fuel Drain Service in Hanley

Late at night Gemma called in a sweat, she’d just brimmed up with the wrong fuel and was frantic to sort out the problem. It was her boyfriend’s car and he didn’t know that she’d borrowed it to go out with her group of friends. “He’ll go completely bananas if he gets home and it’s gone, let alone ruined with the wrong fuel in there. We need to get that our before I’m done”. Our technician took no time at all to drain the tank and a very relieved Gemma was on her way back home. It’s easy to accidentally fill a car with the wrong fuel and we are always are on hand via our helpline should this ever happen.

Misfuel with the Wrong Fuel in Hanley, causes a few problems

It so happens that even with the best intentions people can make a mistake and accidentally fill up with the wrong fuel. Mrs Godson’s daughter had filled up the car after a night out and it wasn’t until the morning that the car wouldn’t start. She had filled the car up with petrol on near Lichfield Street and hadn’t remembered that it was a diesel car. The daughter searched the internet and found Wrong Fuel Help and called us immediately. Our technician quickly took care of the misfuelled car and they were out for the family meal later that day. A wrong fuel problem is no stress for us, we take care of many every week of every year at Wrong Fuel Help.

Barmaid broke down in Hanley misfuelling her BMW with petrol in her diesel car

Late in the evening we received a call from a distressed barmaid in Hanley. Her BMW 118D had not started properly since filling up at Lichfield Street. She managed to get it working but a few hundred yards down the road it lost power and stopped. ‘What next? I’ve just bought this car. Found it had a dodgy handbrake and now this!’ We explained to her that it’s just a fuel mistake and nothing to worry about. Our fuel technician drained the fuel and ensured that the BMW 118D was back running smoothly. ‘You got me out of a hair raising situtatin. You guys are awesome!’ it’s great to know that we are appreciated because we are on call 24/7 in Hanley. We’re always glad to be of help, whether you’ve put petrol in diesel or diesel in petrol we are always here on the end of the phone

So if you’re in Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent our local friendly technicians are always on hand should you have a wrong fuel problem, for example filling up with petrol in a diesel car.