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Wrong Fuel? Petrol in Diesel? From £120.00 Hull

Have You Put Petrol in a Diesel or Diesel in a Petrol Car by Mistake?

In Hull And Mistakenly Filled Up With The Wrong Fuel in your car?

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  • We’re here to help, some customers make the same mistake more than once. Maybe you’ve put petrol in a diesel vehicle? You have a fuel contamination problem. Turn your engine off ASAP and call us.
  • One of our friendly team members will assist you on the number above.
  • A  technician will be sent out to fix your problem, he’ll drain your wrong fuel and the vehicle should be just fine.

Filling up with the Wrong Fuel needn’t be a big problem – you need wrong fuel recovery – call us now!

Our Fully Licensed Technicians are locally based in Hull, and can be with you in 30 minutes.

So that you can be 100% sure of a professional service, all our technicians are fully  S.P.A and ATEX licensed for your piece of mind.

What people say about our Fuel Drain Service in Hull

A social worker in Hull was on his way to a meeting. ‘Oh my word by Jove I’ve had a rotten bit of luck. Petrol I’ve put in it just like my wife’s. Except I’m in my Renault Laguna diesel. ‘ It’s not often that we come to rescue a Renault Laguna owner however we can help anyone. The car, and a nice car it was, was drained of the petrol and refilled with diesel. ‘Good lord you gentlemen are the bees knees’. With that our technician had carried out a fuel drain and put the correct fuel in. ‘Give the pencils out tomorrow!’ said the social worker. From which decade we are not sure but we sure give 100% to help everyone.

Wrong Fuel Help to the rescue in Hull

A hairdresser in Hull was going out to his friend’s birthday party and his wife was joining him later. In a hurry to get the first round in he had stopped for fuel in his Kia Optima and ‘blast I’d gone to a different garage and the pumps were out of order except for one and in my haste I used that one. I’ve filled it up now. Right to the top like I always do. I started it and it sounded like a bag of spanners. That’s when I saw the colour of the pump nozzle. Green. Diesel is black and I knew then that it had all gone horribly wrong’. Our technician was quickly on the scene and draining the fuel out and replacing the tank of petrol with diesel for his Kia Optima. It can be an easy mistake to make but we are here to make a wrong fuel recovery. The hairdresser was soon on his way to the party again.

Wrong Fuel Help is always on hand for any fuel mistakes in Hull

A gym instructor was driving to her second shift in Hull. She phoned us from the service station on Sutton Road after she had broken down. ‘Get me going again it’s bottomed’ she exclaimed. Following a lengthy chat with our adviser we ascertained that her Seat Leon was full of diesel instead of petrol so the had contaminated fuel. Our fuel technician carried out a fuel drain. We’re always glad to be of help, whether you’ve put petrol in diesel or diesel in petrol we are always here on the end of the phone.

Early morning call in Hull after Wrong Fuel mistake, Gentleman puts Petrol in Diesel Van

Our call centre took a call in the early hours of one Sunday morning from at group of girls who were stuck at a motorway service station near to Hull. whilst on a return journey back from a night out. After determining their exact location, vehicle make and model, one of our technicians was soon onsite to resolve the wrong fuel mix up. The driver had put into the car around 35 litres of petrol in diesel and explained to our technician how she put the wrong fuel in. Our technician completed a full fuel drain and fuel recovery along with correct fuel top up and engine flush. Wrong Fuel Help will always arrive around the clock 24 hours a day, our priority is tailored to the customers needs and requirements when they wrong fuel with petrol in diesel or diesel in petrol.

A Hull Choir calls Wrong Fuel Help urgently requiring assistance after putting Wrong Fuel in Mini Bus

It was early on a Sunday morning a choir on their way to a Church gathering in Hull called us as they had mistakenly put Petrol into the minibus instead of Diesel Fuel. Our 24/7 call centre confirmed their exact location, vehicle type and amount of Wrong Fuel that had put into the vehicle before advising them that a Wrong Fuel Help would be with them in 30 minutes. Our fuel technician arrived to the location and completed a full fuel drain, flushed the injection system and topped up with the correct fuel so that they could get back on the road quickly and make the Sunday morning service.

So if you’re in Hull, our local friendly technicians are always on hand should you have a wrong fuel problem.